Electrolux 4.7 cu. ft. Tub. Model # EWFLW651RR0 Made in 02/2009 Apparently there are very few YouTube videos or none at all showing a machine washing a King Sized Comforter, not a Duvet and as you can see with a little manual help, this machine is capable to wash such a large item. This is an older model Wave Touch machine and the capacity is 4.7 cu. Ft.. The newer steam machine are rated at 4.3.. Just a tad bit smaller than the originals. I do add water through the dispenser draw for only this item, but If I use the prewash in conjunction with the main wash, the need to add water is not necessary for the comforter will get wet completely eventually! There isn't a bulky cycle on this machine so the Heavy Duty Cycle is designated for its use. Just reduce the soil level and spin speed to fit your needs.