Welcome to South House TV family vlogs! In this episode, our sneaky, mischievous, "trucks on the shelf" get into some trouble! Luckily, that included making the whole family some fresh squeezed orange juice from the backyard orange tree, so we couldn't be TOO upset. ;) (Who knew a toy excavator and dump truck could be so resourceful!) Axel makes sure to replace the trucks on the shelf and hopes that they stay put. We shall see! We all play at the beach together in the sunshine here in San Diego, California. Sunshine sure does make it easier to record vlogs! Sarah and Axel dig a huge hole with the help of Big Tonka the dump truck, dozey the dozer, and some other construction truck friends. In the end, back at our Airbnb, Patrick and Sarah discuss a bit about their multiple chemical sensitivity, as well as their mold related illness (also called CIRS-- chronic inflammatory response sydrome). Thank you all for watching and please give us a thumbs up if you care to! :))