RntUS is a mobile and online rental marketplace where people are able to rent just about anything from tools and equipment, to party supplies and camping gear. Users are provided with the location of the item, they are able to read and post reviews, pay for the rental, buy insurance and arrange for pick up or delivery of the item. Users of RntUS will find what they are looking for from their smartphones at anytime. RntUS is using the rise of the sharing economy, to bring the person-to-person rental industry to a user-friendly platform, as well as create a new marketplace and low cost access to consumers for companies in the rental business. In addition, RntUS provides a safe peer-to-peer income opportunity for individuals. Some of our categories: Party rentals Events rentals Tools rentals Equipment rentals Construction Equipment rentals Photo rentals Film rentals Audio rentals Video rentals Video equipment rentals Computers rentals Office Equipment rentals Sports rentals Leisure & Art rentals Time Shares rentals Vacation Rentals Movies rental Vehicle Rental - Recreational vehicle rental Truck Rental