Join Hard Hat Harry and see monster machinery Join hard hat harry the construction workers genie and his young friends Max and Alex, as they travel to major construction sites to see massive machinery in action. just a little sprinkle with magic gravel and away you'll go! in this hour long , thill-packed adventure, you'll not only see more than 40 pieces of construction equipment on the job, but how they work together on actual construction sites. these monster machines even talk! kids get a close-up look at colossal cranes, bruising bulldozers, dirty dump trucks, plus; asphalt paver’s asphalt drillers bucket trucks steam rollers backhoes tower cranes mine drillers concrete pumpers street sweepers forklifts blasting with dynamite and so much more Educational and truckloads of fun, this is an exciting video that inspires new, imaginative play ideas for your children's own construction toys. kids age 3-10 are fascinated by the rugged sights and roaring sounds of awesome construction equipment , and in this 60-minute, high-quality video, they’ll have a great time! so put on your hard hat, fasten your work belt, and get ready for really big entertainment!