Meine Fernsteuerung: Meine Drehleiter: Eines meiner Fahrzeuge: + Anhänger: Lostg load in the mine! OMG the heavy loader have no chance. The strong M.A.N. can not do it. With the poerfull K700 Kirovets go it. The volvo loader wit the fork lift can 12 kg load. The big block have 15 kg . ok a job for the Komatsu WA 600-6 Thanks a lot for sharing, commenting, subscribing and thumbs up. All this models work hard on the mine, and makes so much fun! All models are self made or rebuild. Check out my other videos! ______________________________Social Media__________________________ ᐅ My Homepage: ᐅ Twitter: ᐅ Facebook: ________________________ My Equipment____________________________ ᐅ My remote control: ᐅ My flatbed: ᐅ One of my vehicle: ᐅ My video camera: