WELCOME TO AXEL TRUCKS! Where Axel and his Daddy show kids how to use their imagination and do tons of awesome things with toy construction trucks, toy garbage trucks, toy recycling trucks, hotwheels cars, and much more. Kids don't need new trucks, just a little imagination, and the trucks they already have. On this episode of Axel Trucks, Axel and his daddy go shopping at Target for a new children's toy dump truck. They don't go shopping for new toys very often, but when they do... they make the best of it! Their old toy dump truck got messed up pretty bad from playing with it so much... and to close to some red hot coals (^; Come watch to learn how you can make the most of your toys (old or new) by using your imagination and playing hard! (and not near a fire) Watch our other channel for more fun videos www.axelshow.com