In the 1950s Portland Cement company produced this film to show how its cement products were making modern farm life cleaner and more efficient. At the same time they created a wonderful capsule history of farm life in America from the Ox driven plows to modern tractors. Beautiful barns, cotton fields, plows, antebellum plantations, covered wagons, the great plains, stagecoaches, riverboats, barns off all kinds, oxen, carriages, harvest wheat with thresher, pitch forks, hoes, blacksmith, Civil War cannon, more horsepower for wagons and threshers, cows, milking, steam powered tractors, a Mercer Raceabout, gasoline powered tractors, big agriculture and shipping of produce in modern 50s America. Hogs, cows, dairy barns and large facilities were popping up and the face of agriculture changed as the family farm started to vanish. Simple log cabins were long gone. S210