Part 2: Using a Case 1150G, Samsung SE210LC John Deere 510C with Union construction workers Billy the Kid Hah! My BBQ rub is for sale here: My entire family cooks great Cajun food, I learned from them starting at age 10 & have been cooking since then. I love to try new thing and can cook all kinds of cuisine. Making videos is a great way to share recipes with friends & fans. Cooking tips & fun in the kitchen with a Real Cajun Chef, One stop shop for everything from Advice to Zaniness. You'll learn to cook real no BS awesome food that anyone can make. No bells or whistles or "foo-foo" plates! Homemade, home-style and simply terrific. I bring "common-sense to You-tube and cooking! Two new videos uploaded every week! Please be sure to subscribe to my channel, You will then be notified when new videos are uploaded! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day Ah Boy! Plenty of Cajun & Creole recipes, History & tips ate The Gumbo Pages: