IN THIS EPISODE OF PS3 GTA5 ONLINE GAMEPLAY: Bravado Gauntlet 0:47 | Crushed Cars 1:00 8:15 12:55 | HVY Dump 2:10 | Jumps 6:00 7:00 | Annihilator riding in a dump truck 8:40 | Parachuting onto a moving dump truck stunt 10:05 | Can a CargoBob lift a Dump Truck? 13:30 SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW PS3 GTA 5 ONLINE VIDEOS: NEXT GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 (GTA5) VIDEO PLAYLIST: MORE PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) GAMES: Join Our GTA 5 Crew: We like to play GTA 5 on the PS3 because, there is no equivalent of XBox Live, so online access is free! English Captions / Subtitles available. STORY LIST... Baba says Bravado Gauntlet (Dodge Challenger) is a shark 0:47 We find a random comedy mangled car driving around 1:00 We find our first HVY Dump but it squashes our car: 2:10 You can only get in an empty Dump Truck not Hi-jack it: 3:50 We jump the Tipper Trucks off a hill: 6:00 Baba can crash anything, even if it's slow! 6:45 I get some air jumping the Tipper Truck over some dunes: 7:00 Baba squashes me with the HVY Dump 7:40 Baba crushes traffic like a Monster Truck 8:15 We land a helicopter in the back the Tipper Truck: 8:40 Baba squashes me in her Dump Truck again! 9:50 I parachute from a plane in the back the HVY Dumo: 10:05 Baba knocks me off the Dump Truck while banking: 11:50 We make our own comedy squashed car: 12:55 I lift Baba's Tipper Truck with a CargoBob 13:30 But later on the second lift, it all goes wrong! FOLLOW US ON Google+: Twitter: Pinterest: Facebook: If you like our videos help us out by commenting, rating, sharing or subscribing. Thanks for watching!