Download XLFarms Complete Project v3.1: With this link, you will be able to choose which map download, this link are all maps updated with the latest news. There were several months of intense work in search engine optimization and bug hunting. All maps are free of errors. Been thoroughly tested to provide the best gameplay. You only find them here. Do not post anywhere else without using the original link. Keep respect. The work will continue. IMPORTANT: The growth time is extremely high, to support the size of the map. Therefore, you should use this mod "Zeitbeschleunigung" to accelerate time: CTRL+R intro: by Laurent Caccia XLFarms is a project that gathers all my works, refurbished with the latest news. With the characteristics of very large farms, to the massive use of machines and implements. Recommended to use courseplay and others to manage their fleet. This video and others that will form part of the presentation of these farms that are still developing.