This, Cortex Power and Generator Room were the first ever levels created by the original Naughty Dog team back with the PS1 classic. So, I wasn't surprised to find Heavy Machinery to be playable as well. Personally, its one of my favourite levels to play. Also, the video and the audio of myself lag to an extent and I couldn't fix it. Sorry :( Original Video: Original Channel Link: SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ► Discord Server ► Steam Group► Twitter ► Facebook ► DeviantArt ► Official MediEx2012 Merchandise! ► Music is You Look So Good by Moe Shop BUY IT HERE! Intro/Outro Video Used (Spyro World Viewer #1: Artigiani): Originally Done by Spyro World: If your wondering what and/or why, click here for more information: Hope you all enjoyed the video. Please make sure that you like, comment, share this video and subscribe for more content! ❤♫ ♬❤